The Sales Team

Personal service and attention to detail have always been our trademark. Our customer base includes the do-it-yourselfer, Home Builder, General Contractor and Industry. Our sales support team will not only meet your expectations, but strives to exceed them. 

The Technical Team

Our design and detailing process ensures that all work is carried out in accordance with industry and AISC standards. Our team of detail oriented staff is skilled at producing three-dimensional drawings, utilizing state of the art software.

The Production Team

The heart and soul of our operation is housed in a 30,000 sq ft facility. The production process is automated from receiving to final product loading. Overhead cranes move product from one phase of production to the next with a minimal amount of material handling.

The Delivery Systems Team

It all comes down to delivering the final product on time and safely. Our well maintained fleet of trucks, combined with our professional team of drivers and crane operators, ensure our ability to provide daily service that meets the timely demands of our customers.

The Administrative Team

Always the unsung hero, our administrative team processes the sea of paperwork required to keep our business running smoothly. From accounting to human resources to procurement, this team is at the heart of the organization..

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