• 1918
    Saint John New Brunswick Canada

    Louis H Dorbian

    In 1918 Louis H. Dorbian was born in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

  • WWII


    Lou fought in WWII from April 1941 through October 1946. He was a member of the Army Air Force, Fifteenth Air Force, 304th Wing, 456th Bomb Group and 747th Squadron

    He was a Bombadier, First Lieutenant with 50 credited missions. Click the image below to see Lou’s full Military timeline

    Lous Military Timeline

  • 1948
    Carlisle Steel and Supply

    The birth of Carlisle Steel Supply

    Following the war, Lou moved to Harrisburg looking for love and fortune. He met ad married the love of his life, Dorothy they had two children, Bruce and Joseph.

    In the same year, he started Carlisle Steel Supply. The original location was in the old Carlisle Airport hanger on the Ritner Highway

  • 1973

    Working with his father

    After graduation from Penn State in 1973, Lou’s youngest son Joe, started working with his father

  • 1976

    Continuing the family journey

    November 30, Lou suffered his third and final heart attack at the shop. Joe decided to continue the family journey and build on his father’s dream.

    Joe began to create his vision. He diversified the product line to include reinforcing steel fabrication and supplying concrete construction products

  • 1981

    Something New on the Horizon

    The original name of Carlisle Steel Supply was changed to Carlisle Supply

  • 1992
    Carlisle Steel and Supply


    Carlisle Steel and Supply

    11 years of growth was experienced in all three areas of the business: Reinforcing Steel Fabrication, Concrete Supply, and Structural Steel. However, Joe always felt the latter was his true calling.

    So in 1992, the Reinforcing Steel Fabrication and Concrete Supply were sold off and the Structural Steel division was renamed Ritner Steel Inc.

  • 2003

    AISC Certification


    Ritner Steel, Inc received AISC certification, opening new doors for work available only to fabricators with AISC certification.

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