Have you ever looked around and noticed the structural layout and support conditions of your house, or even local retail shop? Most don’t notice unless you are a home builder, construction worker or commercial construction supplier. However when most people or families decide that they need to add on an addition to their house or possibly build a new home, the question of what to use for structural support will certainly arise.

For your next addition or new home build, this article will illustrate just a few reasons why steel home beams are a wiser choice than your typical wood home beams for structural support.

The first point that we will make is the overall strength of steel compared to wood as a structural support member. According to “steel provides superior support at a much smaller size compared to wood. Builders may choose to use steel beams in general construction to take advantage of this slimmer profile…” Typically with wood support framing, you will have shorter spans with more columns than required with steel framing. In short, steel can provide more open space with less support columns than you would find with a wood bearing structure condition. One of the reasons many home and tract builders utilize steel is for this very reason.

The second and third point we will make is the lasting-life and ROI (Return on Investment) that comes with steel. For instance it is much easier to attach masonry products to steel, all while knowing it is going to last. With wood, you have the concern of rot and deterioration, which then could cause structural damage to the masonry conditions. Another concern with wood is termites and insects that love to eat wood structure. With steel, there are no worries with insects. Overall, steel beams make more sense in today’s home building industry for the lack of worry with rot, intrusive home insects and pests, and less number of structural home beams and posts compared to wood framing. These factors all illustrate that a steel home beam is a cost-effective and overall smarter choice than wood beams.

With the increasing orders and use of steel home beams in America’s new home builds, it is only a matter of time before they become entrenched in the standards of new home builds. The perfect example of this trend would be the use of steel home beams by regional and national tract builders. We are not saying that everyone must use a steel beam, however the choice is becoming clearer with structural and maintenance conditions that steel is the optimal choice. If you have any questions about what sizes or how past builders have used a steel home beam in their garage or basement, please don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Ritner Steel, Inc. We certainly can go over the benefits, logistics, and overall investment costs of a steel home beam for your next remodel or build.

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