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If you are in the Central PA area or have a job site near the Capitol Region, look no further than Ritner Steel, Inc. for all of your structural steel needs & erection. Our products range from: Wide-Flange Beams –Residential and Commercial Sizes Columns & Posts – 11 GA, SCH40, Fixed & Adjustable Plate Rebar […]

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STEEL! – A Leader in the Three R’s!

Reduce, reuse and recycle are the three R’s of sustainability.  The steel industry has this covered! “Scrap” is the term used to describe recycled steel. There are three major sources of scrap:  home scrap, prompt scrap and obsolete scrap.  Home scrap is produced by the steel mill during production. Prompt scrap is produced in the […]

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Why Steel Beams Are Better for Home Builds Than Wood Beams

Have you ever looked around and noticed the structural layout and support conditions of your house, or even local retail shop? Most don’t notice unless you are a home builder, construction worker or commercial construction supplier. However when most people or families decide that they need to add on an addition to their house or […]

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